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Our Story

My name is Natalie Cardi. I worked at a tuxedo store for 11 years. During that time, I had the privilege of assisting thousands of guys find their perfect formal wear look! Every so often, a woman would enter the store in search of a woman's tuxedo. These women always had something in common; they were strong, confident and fearless. Whether it was a professional woman who just made partner at a law firm looking to attend a corporate black tie affair or a teenage girl wanting something unique for prom, these girls had an inner confidence that intrigued me.

Although I was able to take care of my fellow female customers with their tuxedo rental request, there was a problem. The tuxedo, even though it was altered like crazy by our store tailors, wasn’t quite perfect. After all, the tuxedo was designed for a man’s build. It was still a little big in certain areas … maybe a smidgin too tight in others. It was passable and these confident women could still pull off the look, but I really wish the tuxedo store had a woman’s tuxedo - a tuxedo created and designed specifically for a woman’s body. This applied to not just the jacket and pants, but also for the shirt and accessories as well.

Instead of settling for a guys tuxedo (with numerous tweaks and alterations), I wanted to provide a way for women to easily find a tuxedo that was flattering on their body. A garment that was designed for a woman. Flattering lines, stretch fabrics, a full range size scale that would accommodate nearly any woman’s physique. A woman’s body is beautiful; her clothes should emphasize that!

Venus, the Roman goddess, encompassed love, beauty, prosperity and desire. She was beautiful, confident and fearless. Thousands of years later, today’s confident woman embraces these same attributes.

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