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After Six Women's Formal Wear

When it comes to choosing women's tuxedo look, you should choose a style that fits your personality, makes you feel confident, comfortable - as well as what is appropriate for the event or occasion you will be wearing one. There are a variety of options available, including modern slim fit women's tuxedos, as well as a more classic fit when it comes to women's tuxedos. And designer After Six understands that. This is one reason why women's power suits and tuxedos are becoming increasingly popular from women all over.

Our After Six formal wear is both stylish and modern. You can choose from our Marlowe black tuxedo pants, that pair perfectly with the coordinating Marlowe black tuxedo jacket. This After Six jacket is made from stretch wool, and has a center vent with one button. These women’s outfits are perfect for a formal event, or even as a stylish work outfit. Made from stretch wool, they have a solid pattern and a very comfortable fit that will suit just about any formal occasion. They come in a range of sizes too, so you can find the perfect fit for your body type.

One of the best things about both the Marlowe jacket and pants is that you are able to wear them together for a sleek and stylish women's tuxedo look, or you are able to style the pieces in other ways. Taking the jacket and pairing your favorite colorful or patterned blouse and finishing it off with a pair of jeans and your choice of shoes make for a great "girls night out" or even date night outfit. Whereas sporting the tuxedo pants with a blouse, or tuxedo shirt would work great for work events, business meetings or working in a formal restaurant environment as a uniform.

Women's tuxedos have come a long way and they have been around for hundreds of years. They have always been used to dress for a formal or black tie event. With the popularity of women's power suits and tuxedos increasing for weddings, every day wear, both formal and informal events as well as business meetings, red carpets, etc. The women's tuxedo has taken leaps and bounds into new colors, patterns, styles and fabrics - making it that much more exciting to try something new with your look! 

Spice It Up
To add a little pizazz or spice things up to your tuxedo look, consider adding some tuxedo accessories to your After Six formal wear outfit. Accessories such as items like jewelry, tuxedo vests and neckwear are available to be styled to your liking. These accessories can really complement your tuxedo outfit, and you can decide which accessories will be best for a specific formal event. Although accessories should never be overdone, it’s always a great way to spice up their outfits.

Regardless of the tuxedo style you choose, you’ll be in safe hands with us. We stock only well-known brands like After Six for all our formal wear. This means you can look stylish when you attend your next formal event, as you’ll have a tuxedo with matching accessories to go with. This will help you to create a unique style and a personalized outfit.

Buying Designer Formal Wear
When you look at designer outfits, you know that you can expect style and value for money. That’s why Buy4LessTuxedo has a tuxedo store that features a variety of brands. You can view various items from well-known designers, and compare different styles until you find the perfect formal outfit. You can browse through the different brands, filtering them according to the colors you like, your correct size, and even specific types of patterns that will complement your outfit.

In addition to After Six formal wear, we also stock a range of other popular designers, including Cardi, Cristoforo, Neil Allyn and Little Black Tux. These are all well-known designers and they offer a selection of items for you to enjoy. You can browse our online tuxedo store, and filter your selection by designer, style, color, and size. We make it easy for you to find the formal wear you are looking for, and our entire ordering process is very simple and convenient.