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Welcome to Venus Tuxedo!

Welcome to Venus Tuxedo, a place for women to confidently shop to find their “fearless fit” with our selection of high-end formalwear. We pride ourselves on providing a site that is dedicated to women who are looking to feel confident, sexy and stylish in what they’re wearing. When shopping with Venus Tuxedo you will find premium quality women’s tuxedo jackets, women’s tuxedo pants, women’s tuxedo shirts, and all of the accessories needed to pull off a classically chic tuxedo look.

With the fashion world and fashion trends continuously evolving, it’s not only nice to be informed about what is currently “in style,” but also how to switch things up a bit. It’s true that even the best of us can get stuck in a fashion rut. Sure, we all love our go-to looks. They have never steered us wrong and have always helped us shine in a positive light. But, sometimes things get tired. They don’t feel as good as before. This is where tweaking and taking a fashion risk might inspire some major wardrobe upgrades you won’t regret.

In the past, the idea of women’s tuxedos was far and few between on the list of what to wear to something that was a little more on the sophisticated side. But, thanks to the likes of some of our favorite Hollywood starlets and fashion designers (giving us insane fashion inspiration), the women’s tux is finally having its time in the limelight. Whether it’s a movie premier or a friend’s birthday party, women’s tuxedos have recently been worn on all different types of occasions in a variety of different colors, styles, and designs.

So, whether you’re attending a dinner party, black tie affair or gala, wedding, dinner date, red-carpet event, or even prom- wearing a women’s tuxedo will be sure to not only turn heads, but make a memorable fashion statement.

See, women’s tuxedos aren’t like they used to be. In today’s fashion-verse, they’re the ultimate look good and feel good ensemble for the modern woman. The women’s tux (especially the one’s you’ll find here on Venus Tuxedo), allows you to express your unique style, while still being classic and elegant.

We’re winning you over, aren’t we? Well, let’s just share another benefit about the women’s tux that you probably didn’t think of. Like how incredibly versatile they are! Think about it, when wearing a cocktail dress or gown, can you wear it in a variety of different ways? Not really, right? Don’t misunderstand us here, we adore dresses too! But, the ability to take our women’s tuxedo and dress it down with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some crisp white sneakers, or dress it up with some heels and flashy jewelry, really makes us feel like we’re getting a lot of fashionable bang for our buck.

That’s the thing about owning and wearing a women’s tux; the way it’s styled is completely unique to the individual wearing it. The choice to pair it with a pair of slacks or a colorful blouse is completely up to you. Being confident starts with feeling confident, and a part of that comes from feeling good in what you wear. So, we invite you into our 1-stop shop to find a chic and trendy new ensemble that makes you feel like the powerful woman we know you always have been.

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