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Women's Tailoring - A New Trend?

Evening gowns are no longer the only fashion trend at red carpet events. Women’s tuxedos are quickly becoming a very popular choice and women’s tailoring seems to be taking the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at this trend and how you can wear your tuxedo just right.

Move over, men – tuxedos are the new trend among women walking the red carpet. Women’s tuxedos are a great style statement and one that will definitely impress. One of the places we’ve seen a lot of this recently is the red carpet; who can forget Angelina Jolie’s famous tuxedo at the 2014 BAFTAs? Women’s tailoring is setting a new trend and it can be seen almost everywhere these days.

But it’s not only red carpet events that see women in beautiful tuxedos; this has become the outfit of choice for a variety of special events, including product launches, office parties, and even weddings. These suits are specifically tailored for women and can complement any body type. Whether it’s a prom, business event or wedding – a women’s tuxedo always fits the bill.

You don’t have to be invited to the red carpet to wear your tuxedo. You can draw inspiration from this and wear a tailored suit – or even just pants – to work. You can invest in a few tailored pantsuits, as this will give you a sophisticated and elegant look. You can have them customized to your needs, and also use them for your next VIP event, without the need for a ball gown.

A Few Styling Tips
When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, there are a few styling tips that you can benefit from. Keep in mind that wearing a tuxedo is all about embracing a tailored look, so make sure that all your pieces fit perfectly. In general, the slim cut trousers with a fitted blazer looks great and can really work for various body types. If you don't want to wear a full tuxedo, you can choose to wear separate pieces; try to pair black leather trousers with a white tuxedo blazer.

Celebrities have taught us that there really are plenty of ways you can make a tuxedo work – or at least pieces of it. Gisele Bundchen wore a classic tuxedo jacket with an evening gown, Kate Moss wore a metallic tuxedo with a printed tank top, and Brooklyn Decker wore a tuxedo jacket with tailored shorts.

You can complete your tuxedo look with a pair of killer stilettos. It will add a feminine touch and make your tuxedo look even more glamorous. Wearing a strappy heel will give a very modern look to your outfit, but you can also go for a pointed pump as this gives you timeless look.

Another great styling tip is to keep your entire tuxedo outfit was in the monochrome palette. Everybody knows that a black tuxedo is always a foolproof choice, but you can also go for a white tuxedo. If you want to be a little adventurous and try our new style. You can also choose to add a bit of femininity to your tuxedo by adding lace to your outfit; instead of a plain blouse, you can wear lace camisole underneath your jacket. It is always stylish to have been little lace visible from underneath your jacket.

Never be afraid to play with textures. Depending on the season, you can try out different textures, such as velvet. You can really make the tuxedo look work for you in any way you want. However, like to stick to one texture, to avoid mixing different ones together as this may just spoil your overall look.

It's always important to start by getting the correct measurements for your tuxedo. This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of pulling off this classic look. Men's body shapes are different than women's, so never think that you can simply go out and buy a men's tuxedo. When you get your measurements, don't just focus on your hips and bust, but also measure your inseams and shoulders. There may be certain areas of your tuxedo that will need to be specially fitted, like your waistline for example. But feel free to show off your assets and really rock this classic tuxedo look.

If you are invited to a semi-formal occasion, feel free to mix and match your style. For example, you can still wear your tailored tuxedo jacket, but pair it with a feminine skirt or even a dress. You don't have to lose your feminine touch, as there are plenty of ways to make this work. You can even add a few statement pieces like elegant jewelry, or just a cocktail ring.

Finally, don’t forget your hair and make-up. A bit of classic red on the lips will be perfect; forget pink and other light colors. Pull your hair back to complement your sophisticated and elegant look. Hair and make-up should always be in line with the look you want to achieve.

When it comes to women's tailoring, there are really endless choices. Remember these quick tips:

  • You can wear the jacket alone – it adds a sophisticated element to your outfit;
  • Wear your pants with a feminine blouse for a great style variation;
  • Don’t forget the shoes – high heels are a must;
  • Keep your hair and make-up sophisticated;
  • Accessorize – add a sleek handbag or statement jewelry;
  • When you buy a tuxedo, always have it tailored to your body type.

Unless you have a really thin waistline, make sure that your top is not tucked in and that the fabric does not cling. Choose a shirt with a curved  hemline as this will further flatter your figure. You can also use your jewelry to attract attention away from your body – wearing earrings and a necklace will attract attention toward your face.

With these tips in mind, you’ll easily pull off this sophisticated yet stylish look and add a new ensemble to your clothing collection. Details make all the difference, so plan your outfit carefully, especially if you are invited to a red carpet or VIP event.