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Women That Suited Up At the 2018 Oscars

Ah, the Oscars. Where a bunch of pretty, talented and successful celebrities spend an entire weekend partying up and winning awards. Honestly, the life we all dream of.

Awards (and red carpet) season is always a blast, but the Oscars have always stood out a bit more on their own. They’re not only extremely glamorous, but they are one of the highest ways someone in the film industry can be recognized by the Academy and their peers. It’s pretty spectacular to see.

You know what else is spectacular to see though, the real reason we waste half of our day glued to the television screen – the fashion. Ugh, the fashion. From proper suits and tuxedos, ball gowns and now women’s suits and tuxedos! Everything is elevated at the Oscars, especially fashion and we cannot get enough of it.

Everyone has their favorites whether that be a celebrity, fashion designer or stylist, but it is here where we can truly appreciate and respect all of them for the final chosen outfit. As we mentioned beautiful gowns are expected and common when it comes to an event like this, but to our delight women’s tuxedos and power suits showed up to both the Oscars and their correlating parties.

Here are four women that suited up successfully at the Oscars giving us all some serious fashion inspiration.

Naomi Campbell 
I mean, Naomi Campbell could probably show up in a potato sack and pull it off. But the supermodel went a different route and we are so here for it. Naomi rocked a women’s white tuxedo jacket that had a simple wrap around the waist. She paired it with matching white tuxedo pants, black pumps and a statement necklace. And boy did she make a statement! Absolutely stunning. We love love love this look.


Janelle Monaé
Janelle is no “newcomer” when it comes to the women’s tux. She’s been known (and kind of turned it into her thing) to make appearances as well as performances sporting her women’s tux. So, it’s not only exciting when we see her at an event, but it’s impressive just how many different tuxedo ensembles for women are actually out there. The bright red with the long coat, rhinestone epaulettes and matching pants make Janelle’s outfit a total show-stopper. Everything just coordinated so perfectly that she looked as chic as they come.


Emma Stone
Okay, so we might already be a tad biased because we ADORE Emma Stone, but we also had nothing to do with this killer outfit she wore this year at the Oscars. Emma and her stylist completely nailed it with this suited look. The wine-colored jacket with the pink bow tied around the waist and then paired with black tuxedo pants might seem strange to some, but looked so stylish and elegant. This was a total A+ in our style book and a great alternative to the classic gown we’re used to seeing Emma wear.


Ellen Pompeo 
As we’re nearing the end of this blog, we’re noticing that not only were women’s suits a “thing” at the Oscars this year, but so was a coordinating fabric that ties around the waist pulling the look and jacket together. Ellen Pompeo was another to execute this with elegance. Her suited look had a black jumpsuit with an embroidered gold-shimmery pattern overtop. The black satin tied around her waist accessorized beautifully off-setting the pattern from being too overwhelming. Personally, we loved this look. #ChicCity