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Women That Showed Up To The 2017 VMAs In Style

Out of the long list of award shows we all plop on the couch to watch, MTVs Video Music Awards are probably not as high on the list, as say, The Grammy’s. Nonetheless, you can find munching on some popcorn, pretending to be on Fashion Police even though we barely recognize anyone in attendance these days.

In all seriousness, the VMAs are a great platform for old, new, different, and classic performers where they are respected by their peers and fans. With a vast amount of performances, and almost always passive aggressive shade being thrown in multiple directions, it’s safe to say that we can always find some form of entertainment when watching the VMAs.

Along with entertainment, of course comes fashion. Remember when we said we like to pretend we’re apart of Fashion Police? We weren’t kidding. Giuliana…call us. Anyways, the VMAs are an awesome place of expression which shines within the attendees, performances and the clothing they choose to wear. The trendy award show allows these artists from all genres to come together and just simply be themselves, which we think is pretty cool.

It’s always interesting to think about the type of outfits we will see with each red carpet. The celebs always like to keep us on our toes and wondering what they will do. This year, there were four women in particular that showed up (and we mean showed up) looking fierce, strong and unmistakably fashionable.

Laura Marano
Actress Laura Marano (most commonly known as Ally from Austin and Ally on Disney), arrived to the VMAs looking grown up and chic. Sporting a shorter haircut, Laura looked flawless in her women’s black tuxedowith silver embellishments for added flair. The cropped pants are a new approach to the classic women’s pants option, and we’re kind of obsessed. Plus, it gets to show off the shoes, which we all know is very important.


Singer, Pink is probably one of the most iconic female performers of our generation; which is probably why she was awarded with the highest praise in the MTV world, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The talented performer gave an amazing and inspirational speech that focused on her daughter and all of those young girls that have looked up to her for so long. Along with her adorable daughter, Pink’s husband Carey was in attendance for the honorable award and let us tell you, the three of them could not have looked more perfect. In matching family pinstripe suits, the rebellious, brave and outspoken musician (and family) completely nailed their look.

Sydney Sierota (Echosmith)
Lead singer of the alternative pop band, Echosmith is the very pretty and talented Sydney Sierota. It’s true that the family band puts out some extremely catchy and relevant tunes, but it’s also true that they have some great style. Sydney looked so chic and sophisticated in her silk blue tuxedo jacket and cropped pants to match. Pairing the outfit with a nice white dress shirt, we practically jumped on Google the second we saw the look to recreate for our next event.

Joan Smalls
We’ll just state the obvious and say that it doesn’t matter what she chooses to wear, if you look like Puerto Rican Supermodel Joan Smalls, it’s going to look incredible on you. Popularly known for being the first Latina model to represent Estée Lauder, the model took a different direction this time; wearing the trend of the summer…the tuxedo dress. With a plunging neckline, some killer heels and legs for days to accompany the ensemble, Joan pulled off the tuxedo dress better than we’ve seen in a long time! Work it, Joan.