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Women In Tuxedos: Golden Globes 2018 Edition

The start of awards season has officially taken off (thanks to the Golden Globes), and the fashion is bolder and chicer than ever!

Awards season started off with a big statement and some big style. With black being the color of the night at the 75th Golden Globes, the fashion and trends gave us a glimpse into what to expect the rest of the season- and we love it!

If you’re a fan of award shows and red-carpet events, tuning into the pre-award shows television is as entertaining as it gets. Seeing everyone’s arrivals and choices in fashion is thrilling and just ignites something within our fashion-loving selves. This year, we were drooling over some incredibly beautiful dresses and designs. The women of Hollywood really pulled out all the tricks for this event with everyone looking beautifully stunning and timeless.

Something that we noticed that seemed to be a bit of a trend and showstopper was the number of women’s tuxedos that appeared on the red-carpet. Women, such as: Salma Hayek, Kyra Sedgewick, Lena Waithe and Clair Foy (to name a few) all showed up in very different, but fashionable women’s tuxedos that sure made a statement.

There’s something about a women’s black tuxedo that speaks confidence, which makes the look that much better. Although all of these women wore their tuxes, each one was completely different and unique, which is a part of the beauty of a women’s tux. They are able to be styled and accessorized to complement the individual, event being attended, and preferences of the women wearing the tux.

You’ll notice that some women are choosing to wear low cut tuxedo jackets and not wear a shirt underneath for an alternative, fashionable and sexy approach to the women’s tux. Whereas some women are incorporating their tuxedo style in the form of tuxedo dresses, different materials and pantsuits. And some women prefer to pair it with a classic black tuxedo shirt and some added black accessories (such as neckwear) for their individualized tuxedo look.

Wearing a women’s tuxedo is empowering, different and a great fashion risk. It’s a way to try something new while still feeling confident and stylish in what you are wearing. These women were all incredible examples of how versatile and different women’s tuxedos can be, and we honestly are looking forward to seeing what the rest of awards season fashion has to bring us!