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Why You Should Swap Your Cocktail Dress For A Women's Tux

There are big events throughout every woman’s life where the urge to wear a cocktail dress or ball gown is tempting, but over the past 20 years, the popularity of the women’s tuxedo has gone from strength to strength; beginning as a shock-factor statement piece for high-profile individuals, the feminine take on the classic formal outfit has evolved into a more acceptable option for formal events and has thrown off the gender-bound restrictions of previous generations.

Making a statement with your outfit may seem like a brazen move, but when done right, the tuxedo is a timeless, classic piece which can be altered to suit any occasion, theme and body type. Here are four great reasons why a feminine tuxedo should be the outfit of choice for your next formal event:

1. A more sophisticated silhouette
No matter your body shape, a well-fitting tuxedo will flatter your curves and enhance the areas you want to show off. Tuxedos are available in a variety of cuts and color options, which makes them the perfect choice for any style, body shape or occasion.  As a bonus, tuxedos ca be worn with any type of shoe, so stilettos to lengthen and streamline the silhouette will work equally as well as a more reserved brogue or sandal.

The cut of your tuxedo can be used to alter the shape of your body, without creating discomfort, as with many tailored items, jackets and trousers are great ways to ‘cheat’ and create a styled silhouette without having to squeeze into uncomfortable shape-wear or run the risk of having a wardrobe malfunction.

2. A whole new range of accessories
Whilst cocktail dresses and ball-gowns are often envisioned with an array of sparkly hairpieces, jewelry and clutches, the tuxedo opens the opportunity to explore an even wider range of accessories, such as miniature top hats, brooches, gloves and belts. What better reason could exist for expanding your wardrobe than also expanding your accessories?

A wide range of bracelets, watches and brooches are designed with a classic, timeless feel in mind and these can be matched with the tuxedo to create a polished look which will have guests talking for weeks about your new look. For headwear, a trilby, or fedora is a favorite staple to be paired with many suited looks, whilst top-hats with accents such as flowers, veils and fascinators are becoming more and more widely available on the high street.

In order to truly set your tuxedo apart from the rest, the choice of shirt color – or even swapping the shirt for a different style of top is a great way to put a new spin on the outfit, whilst the choice of make-up can make all the difference to the overall outcome.

3. Less effort for the harder days
Some days you just don’t want to put effort into a formal outfit, and the thought of fitted dresses or uncomfortable shape-wear is almost enough to make you want to cancel altogether. For these events, the tuxedo offers the perfect compromise between comfort and style. Finishing your look with a sexy silhouette, whilst flattering the parts of the body which can prove to be uncomfortable or unflattering during those off-days. The tuxedo also offers enough coverage to allow for minimal preparation – basically, if it’s the middle of winter and shaving your legs seems like a step too far – the tuxedo is your sophisticated best friend.

Tuxedos are also less maintenance than dresses, as the most challenging part of owning one is having it dry-cleaned and choosing the perfect accessories. Your favorite shoes, hairstyle and make-up routine are guaranteed to compliment the look, without spending hours getting ready.

4. A great match for any type of shoe
There are no limits as to the types of shoe which can be worn with a tuxedo. From boots to brogues, your favorite style of footwear is pretty much guaranteed to look perfect with a well-fitted tuxedo. There are a variety of cuts available for both jackets and trousers, and this ensures that boots can be worn with straight and bootleg cuts, or a skinnier leg can be worn with flatter styles of shoes.

Whatever your style, mood or occasion, there’s a tuxedo available to suit you. Show off your personality and dare to be different with a classic style which spans centuries.

The tuxedo may have originated as a male fashion and class statement piece, but it has been reclaimed over the past few generations by influential personalities such as Madonna – with her famed back-to-front take on the piece; Ellen DeGeneres – with her signature awards show and presenter’s fashion; Miley Cyrus – with her show-stopping costumes and even celebrity children, such as John Jolie-Pitt and Mark Ruffalo’s daughter, Bella.