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The Versatility Of A Women's Tux

When it comes to the idea of women’s tuxedos (or suits), most women can admit that seeing them being worn for something other than business attire is rare. Although more women are taking fashion risks with being bold and choosing to forgo the typical dress or gown for events, the fact of the matter is owning a women’s tuxedo is completely underrated and should be recognized.

What are we talking about (you ask to yourself)? Well, think about it. Although a women’s tuxedo is looked at as just one outfit to wear to a formal event, it actually has the capability to be multiple entirely different outfits for anything you want it to be with just some imagination and an artistic touch.

For instance, take the basic black tuxedo jacket. Sure, it may look formal and too fancy for everyday life, but pair it with some dark blue jeans, a cute statement neckless and a colorful fun printed shirt with a pair of heels and you have yourself the perfect date night outfit. Or maybe you want something more casual; throw on some ripped jeans, a classic white t-shirt and slide into a pair of comfortable sneakers for a look that is on trend and completely chic for brunch or shopping.

When it comes to pants, tight leg women’s tuxedo pants are your new best friend. Pair the pants with a cute blouse and pair of heels for the perfect business casual outfit for work or meetings. Or make a fashion statement by wearing some tuxedo pants with a solid collared short-sleeved button-up shirt and an added a pop of color with a satin bow tie and some matching colored suspenders to complete the fashion-forward look as an alternative to cocktail or dinner parties.

The versatility and endless outfit creations that owning a women’s tux provides are truly eye opening and fun to experiment with. The ability to style, create and wear the tux however you want is all up to which stylistic direction is decided upon. Even wearing the tux in its original form and switching it up by taking a note from Ellen Degeneres and wearing it with a casual shirt and a pair of sneakers; or going the Hollywood route by slapping on some stilettos and not wearing a shirt underneath the jacket for a sexy and stylistic approach. However, the outfit is fashioned, the tuxedo molds to the stylistic vision making it (ultimately) the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman could own.