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Suited Style: Women's Edition

There is something to be said about the way wearing certain clothes makes you feel. Whether it’s confident, sophisticated, sexy, or stylish – if it’s making you feel something, chances are you’re doing it right.

The trends, colors, styles, patterns, fabrics, etc. are always and will always consistently change at the blink of an eye. With that being said, we (as women and individuals) are consistently changing and evolving too. Our tastes and styles grow, change and vary depending on where we’re at in our lives, how we are feeling, what we enjoy visually, what we feel comfortable in, etc.

This shouldn’t be something shocking to anyone as it’s just the circle of (fashion) life. So, with new trends and designs flooding the interwebs and runways, it’s hard not to keep tabs on certain fashion looks that spark your interest. A great example of this is women’s suits.

The idea of the women’s suit isn’t completely foreign, but the progression, look and versatility of the women’s suit as exceled by leaps and bounds. Seeing a women’s suit or “power suit” is common within the business and corporate world. They have always been a great way for professionals to look the part and give off a polished and sophisticated “we mean business” vibe. But, over the years, things have progressed. Women’s suits are no longer just for sitting behind a desk or running meetings.

They have evolved into a true fashion statement. Designers of all kinds are bringing life to the women’s suits creating different colors, patterns, and styles that are not only work appropriate but great alternatives for casual dress, parties and even weddings. They have become form-fitting, flared, stylish and confidence boosting staples within a modern-day women’s wardrobe.

Their versatility allows them to be interchanged with different pieces of clothing to create different looks, and gives the ability to either be dressed up with some heels and jewelry or dressed down with sneakers and a t-shirt.

The women’s suit is no longer something that is “dreaded” and outdated when being worn, but something that makes us feel confident and powerful. Something that we can make our own look. Something that helps bring out the fashionista in all of us.