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Shay Mitchell, AKA The Women's Tuxedo Queen

So, our obsession with Shay Mitchell was a slowly blossoming one (like the pain every episode of Pretty Little Liars caused us) to say the least. But, before we knew it, we were turning to Shay for inspiration for way more than just PLL gossip.

Since saying goodbye to Emily Fields and PLL, Shay has become one of the YouTubers we love to watch and write down every tip and trick she shares with us. Apart from being absolutely stunning, down to earth and talented, Shay has impeccable taste and fashion sense.

Her style can be summed up as sexy, flirty and bold. Shay is not afraid to stand out and experiment when it comes to her fashion choices, and we love her for that. When in need of inspiration and style options, Shay is someone we always turn to. She even opened our eyes to the world of women’s tuxedos and just how chic, sexy and fashionable they are.

We guess we can coin Shay the Women’s Tuxedo Queen, because honestly no wears or styles a women’s tuxedo quite like her. Seriously, no one. Take a look at the pictures at the end of the blog, and you’ll see what we mean! Shay has made appearances as the tuxedo queen looking nothing short of fantastic on numerous occasions. From wearing a sparkling glitter black women’s tuxedo with a plunging neckline, a sultry white tuxedo with sleek hair, a navy-blue pantsuit with a crisp white button-up, a stunning gold flowing silk tuxedo and even a powder blue women’s short tuxedo look.

To sum things up, Shay takes wearing women’s tuxedos to a whole other level. Finding unique, bold and memorable outfits to wear has made Shay Mitchell complete and total fashion goals in our eyes.