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Powerful Women That Love A Good Pantsuit

Powerful women are so much more than just powerful. They are inspiring, bold and unapologetic for their opinions, thoughts and dreams.

In today’s universe, there are more women that are stepping up and putting themselves forward as spokeswomen for young women to look up to. When you’re a young woman, trying to find yourself, having someone that inspires you to work hard for what you want and be the best version of yourself, truly makes all the difference.

Every now and then, women like this come together to support each other, work together, and motivate. That is exactly the case when it comes to this tribe of powerful and talented women mentioned in this blog. These five women are inspirational in so many ways. They all possess talent, wisdom, strong personalities, and have incredible style.

The beauty about Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Sarah and Erin Foster is that they not only have impeccable style, it is something that has always been involved in their lives. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, etc. look to them, take their advice and aspire to learn their ways. We, at Venus Tuxedo are no different; which is why we wanted to honor these extremely successful women for breaking the mold and changing opinions on fashion and individual style. 

Rachel Zoe
Master stylist, designer and all-around fashion guru and legend, Rachel Zoe is the natural leader of this stylish tribe. Being a personal friend as well as stylist to the other girls, Rachel has built herself an empire in the fashion industry. Fashion as always been a gift to Rachel and we consistently look up to her for advice, trends and do’s and do nots when it comes to all things clothing.

Nicole Richie
Actress, model and hilarious Nicole Richie has blossomed in the style department as she matured with age. Her look is always on trend with a touch of edginess that we absolutely adore. She is bold, fierce and knows how to wear a women’s pant suit jacket like none other.
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Jessica Alba
Iconic, beautiful actress and entrepreneur that we all know and love, Jessica Alba has always been a huge fan of wearing a women’s suit or tuxedo which is just one of the many reasons we look up to her. Her style is always simplistic, chic and sophisticated whether she is wearing a nice white collared shirt with some black tuxedo pants, or a full-blown pinstripe pant suit. Regardless of what she is wearing, Jessica (with the help of Rachel Zoe) is someone we will forever look up to for fashion inspiration.

Sara and Erin Foster
A core of this group is the entertaining and “barely famous,” Foster sisters. Sara and Erin have been in the entertainment industry for a long time with their father being the legendary music producer David Foster. The tall and blonde sisters have always had amazing style that most women would kill to raid their closet. You can find them wearing bright colors and taking fashion risks that inspire us and teach us that it’s okay to switch things up but stay true to your individual sense of fashion.