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It's A Good Year For Women's Tuxedos

Women’s tuxedos have become very popular in the last few decades, and rightfully so; it’s a stylish alternative to a little black dress, and it’s a new fashion trend that will never disappoint. This year has been great for women’s tuxedos, as many celebrities have chosen this as their outfit of choice.

Whether it’s Angelina Jolie wearing a tuxedo to the Golden Globes, or Cate Blanchett being ever so stylish in her tuxedo outfits – it’s a style that has really made a comeback, and this year is no different. We’ve seen many celebrities wearing their version of a women’s tuxedo and really turning heads. It just goes to show that it’s a versatile, stylish item that can easily be customized to suit your personality.

One of the most noticeable looks was Kim Kardashian wearing a satin dinner jacket with nothing underneath, with a black skirt and high heels. If you ever thought a women’s tuxedo should be stiff and boring – think again! She’s known for her unique style, and this one definitely turned a few heads.

Victoria Beckham also made an impression at the United Nations building in New York. She wore a long navy jacket, with a contrasting collar, and navy pants. What initially looked like an overcoat was actually part of a two-piece. This was something quite unique, but very fitting for the event.

Katie Holmes is another favorite that wore a spectacular tuxedo jacket with satin-lined pockets and a contrasting back collar, with a pair of denim pants to the New York premier of her movie Days and Nights. This goes to show that it’s not only an outfit reserved for men; women can rock this look too.

A Little History
Unlike normal formal wear, a tuxedo can make you look sophisticated, stylish and feminine – all at once. This tuxedo style was first introduced in the 1960s by Yves Saint Laurent and the look quickly became popular from there. It was styled by models with slicked black hair, and one of the first models to showcase this style was Marlene Dietrich, a German-American singer and actress.

A lot of women today wear a women’s tuxedo that is tailored to her look, as it’s a versatile, comfortable and stylish outfit to wear to almost any formal occasion. With so many style options and accessories available, it’s easy to make a style statement and always look flattering.

Get That Look
If you want to look stylish and show off your personality at the same time, a women’s tuxedo is the way to go. You can choose from something like a classic black and white tuxedo, or a two-piece light grey tuxedo, which are just two great options for you to go with. How about a three-pieced checkered suit with a double-breasted jacket? Your options are endless.

If you’re tired of wearing that black dress to formal parties and events, it’s time for a change. A women’s tuxedo is the perfect alternative and a great style option. Although it’s traditionally a look reserved for men, women have started to benefit from the look as well, tailoring the look to fit their unique style. It’s a classic dress that can be a style statement for any woman.

Remember that a tuxedo jacket that does not fit correctly, can make you look funny. Always ensure that you get the right fit, and the right size. You need an outfit that fits you perfectly. Avoid jackets that have a large shoulder pad; a single or double-breasted jacket is perfect for your outfit.

Pairing is very important with your tuxedo outfit. Wear your jacket with dark trousers, or even dark skinny trousers. Loose jeans or trousers will not give a good look and it will be a style mistake. Go for a crisp white shirt with your jacket, and you can also consider wearing a black cummerbund with this.

When it comes to accessories, it’s important to choose them right. Choose a bow tie for your neckline, and consider suspenders if you want a unique look. Strappy heels go perfectly with long shoulder dusting earrings. You can even try something different and wear elegant leather shoes. You don’t have to stick to black either – go with a few interesting colors, as long as they complement each other.

There are a few other things you can do for a little variation to your women’s tuxedo:

  • Roll up your sleeves to give it a more casual look
  • Choose other options for shirts, like chiffon, or a silk blouse
  • Wear your tuxedo with a printed dress
  • Your make-up can be used to contrast with bold colors, like bold lips with nails
  • Experiment with other materials like velvet, satin, and silk

These are just a few of the things you can do to get a little variety with your formal wear. Tuxedos are very versatile and they are perfect for any formal occasion. With a little tweak here and there, you can adjust your tuxedo style to reflect your personality and even be a bit daring now and then. It’s all about fitting in with the event and choose a uniquely stylish outfit that brings out your best features.

You can easily look like a diva in your tuxedo. Simply be clever with your styling choices and make the right choices in terms of color combinations and accessories. By buying high quality women’s tuxedos, you can easily get a unique look that brings out your best features.