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How Women Are Proving That Tuxedos Aren't Just For Men Anymore

Walking into just about any clothing store, we can ultimately guarantee a few things. One, to be overwhelmed with all of the gloriousness in front of us; and two, a women’s specified side and a men’s specified side. It’s not shocking to hear that when it comes to menswear and womenswear there are a numerous amount of differences. Trends, accessories, styles, shoes, hairstyles, etc. Just about everything between the two worlds differ.

In the past, it was only every now and then that a specific trend would spring into action and be loved and worn by all. More recently, in the fashion universe, we are seeing a larger variety of unisex options rather than just men’s and women’s. Whether it’s wearing a pair of unisex sneakers or overalls (yes, they’re back), the expanding options and fashion risks being taken are rapidly growing.

When it comes to formal wear, for as long as we can remember, tuxedos have pretty much exclusively been worn by men. Well, not anymore. More of our favorite female celebrities, athletes, and now modern-day women are confidently shining in women’s tuxedos. Having the option to sport a women’s tux wasn’t something that was readily available to women in the past. And if any options were available, stylish or form-fitting tuxedos were hard to come by. Now influencers such as, wedding planner and bridal fashion designer, David Tutera are helping to create and show women that is it not only okay to wear something different, but fashionable.

Although wearing a women’s tuxedo might not be expected or common for events such as weddings, proms, formals, red carpets, etc., women are feeling more and more confident in standing out and wearing what they are comfortable in. Being comfortable in your skin and who you are as an individual woman is exactly what radiates through what you choose to wear. The lesson here is that women are proving that tuxedos aren’t just for men anymore. Because when it comes down to it, being unique is beautiful, being bold is beautiful, and having the confidence and ability to wear what you want to wear is the beauty of fashion.