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Great Styling Tips For Women's Tuxedos

Women’s tuxedos are not only stylish, but can be very versatile too. Let’s take a closer look at how you can dress to look your best and make a great impression with your tuxedo outfit.

Women’s tuxedos have certainly come a long way and there are plenty of ways in which you can use a tuxedo to bring out your best features. There are plenty of accessories you can choose from, and many great ideas you can work with. This makes tuxedos ideal for dressing up as part of an outfit for a formal event or evening occasion. When teamed with the right accessories, a women’s tuxedo can be as sophisticated as a dress and as luxurious as any other tailored outfit.

Benefits of Women’s Tuxedos
Women’s tuxedos have a lot of benefits to offer, and they have become quite popular recently. Many well-known celebrities have chosen a tuxedo as their outfit of choice to formal events, and they have been around for ages. They remain flattering, while adding a touch of femininity too.

A tailor-made tuxedo can be particularly flattering but there are no specific rules about styles or colors to be followed. Fashion and womenswear are both very flexible and a women’s tuxedo is the perfect addition to any well stocked wardrobe. You can wear a variety of other pieces with a tuxedo – from a skirt, to a shirt and bow tie, to a blouse with a plunging neckline. A woman’s tuxedo is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing; you can craft many different looks by changing the other items of clothing and accessories that are paired with it.

Accessories are always welcome. The accessories you choose to wear will depend on a lot on your outfit; if you have chosen a tuxedo with a contrasting color lapel, you might want to avoid wearing a necklace or big earrings as these would draw attention away from the satin detailing of the tuxedo. Alternatively, if you are wearing a dark tuxedo with a silk blouse and want to portray luxury style, you could wear an eye-catching long necklace made of precious metal.

For blouses of cool color tones, necklaces made of silver, white gold and platinum will be the most complimentary. For blouses of warm color tones, necklaces made of gold or rose gold will be the most complimentary. These may seem like small details but they are very important in perfecting your look.

Styling Your Tuxedo
If you don’t have a particular look in mind, then the best way to approach styling your outfit is to first choose a tuxedo that you really like. Find one that fits well, is flattering and that you genuinely would enjoy wearing. Once you’ve purchased this tuxedo, you can start experimenting by wearing different trousers and skirts with it until you find one or more combinations that you like the look of and which suit your personal style. Then, add the final touch by choosing appropriate tuxedo accessories and  to wear that will accentuate your desired look.

If you want to look professional with a corporate image, you should choose a black, dark grey or dark blue tuxedo as these are most popular colors for business dress. Pair your dark tuxedo with tailored trousers in a matching material and color as matching top and trousers make a smarter impression.

In terms of jewelry, wear smart shoes and stick to delicate, subtle jewelry so that you don’t detract from the overall professional look that you’re trying to achieve. These tips are perfect for anyone looking to look super stylish and formal with their tuxedo.

If you opt to make a bolder statement, there are a couple of different styles you can try. You could go for a classic black and white outfit – with a black tuxedo and white shoes and accessories. You could extend the look further by choosing a black tuxedo with a white lapel. Alternatively, you could wear a dark tuxedo with brightly colored shoes and matching clutch bag. For example, a dark grey tuxedo with pink shoes and matching accessories, or a dark blue tuxedo with bright blue shoes and matching accessories.

Looking Luxurious
If you want to create a luxurious look, a women’s tuxedo is ideal. Wear a simple, sophisticated tuxedo in any color of your choosing with a silk blouse in a pale, soft color. Then add luxury by wearing gold or platinum accessories such as a pair of earrings and a bracelet. If you’ve chosen to wear your tuxedo with tailored trousers, try wearing an anklet to add glamour and draw attention to the trousers.

If you would normally wear a dress or skirt to an evening or formal event then try something new and wear a tuxedo jacket with a long, flowing skirt. You still get to wear the tuxedo jacket as the statement piece but the skirt softens the look by adding the flowing, feminine style that you would get with a dress or long skirt. Choosing a matching skirt gives a polished, sleek look but a skirt of contrasting color or made of different material can give the outfit depth and texture.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to look your best and style your women’s tuxedo perfectly. Fashion is all about breaking the rules, experimenting and trying out novel combinations. Fashion is your chance to express yourself however you would like. So, choose a tuxedo you love, add colors and accessories that you like and most of all – enjoy wearing your outfit.