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Four Female Instagram Fashion Moguls Influencing Millennial Style

No matter what age you are, the fact that we are currently living in a “millennials world” is pretty obvious. From the Hollywood world to the real world, millennials are all around, rapidly growing, forming opinions, and influencing people of all ages.

In this so to speak “millennial world,” lies social media. The forefront and most important lifeline to a millennial. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SnapChat, or the favorited Instagram; the social media accounts and lifestyle is increasing every single day.

As mentioned, Instagram is a Millennial favorite. Being able to post individual pictures to give followers insight into your world is somehow thrilling for everyone that opens the app. Instagram isn’t just for the famous; businesses, along with fashion and lifestyle bloggers have turned posting on Instagram into full-fledged careers. Working with endless amounts of brands, designers, and companies to post “ads” (among their normal posts) for their thousands of followers to see and grasp on to. The information available, along with coupon codes offered makes being able to log into the app and “shop” a specific Instagram account pretty High-Tec and remarkable if you ask us.

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with Instagram is the wonderful world of YouTube. A lot of lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers started out on YouTube, and have been increasing their following from Instagram posts and YouTube videos and vice versa. Because of this, a lot of these “Instagram Bloggers” have become not only fashion moguls, but major influencers in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle world in the eyes of millennials. Millennials look to up these women as not only role models, but inspirations. They are consistently taking their advice, wanting to work hard like them, dress like them, and learn from them. We have chosen four, potentially recognizable faces that we believe are key influencers in this millennial universe.

Lydia Millen (570K Followers)
British fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle blogger Lydia Millen started her website in 2011. Quickly gaining interest from followers, she then branched out to YouTube which then lead her to Instagram. Lydia is known for posting content more along the luxury side of things. Offering insight into new fashions, beauty products and accessories from some of the most high-up luxury brands. You will never see Lydia looking anything short of elegant and proper. From her hair to her shoes, she oozes complete grace. Lydia’s style consistently showcases the epitome of fine taste making us all want to live lavishly like her one day. So, the next time you’re attending a gala, black tie affair, or formal event, Lydia offers incredible content for someone who wants to appreciate the finer things in life.

InTheFrow (Victoria- 779K Followers)
InTheFrow, also known as Victoria, who holds a PhD in fashion (seriously, she was a Fashion Marketing Professor). And that is something we cannot disagree with. Victoria is an award-winning British fashion, travel, and beauty blogger. If you go to either Victoria’s YouTube channel or Instagram, you’re almost always going to find color, adventure, and style. Victoria lives a life only most of us can dream of traveling the globe, attending fashion shows, and trying the best of the best beauty brands. She is relatable, fashionable and knowledgeable on all levels and has a personality as sweet as pie. Her style ranges from high-fashion to casual and trendy always giving advice and insight on new purchases and how and why she decided to wear outfits the way she has. Following InTheFrow will lend you countless outfit ideas for occasions and locations all around the world.


Tanya Burr (3.2 Million Followers) 
Keeping with the U.K theme, Tanya Burr is yet another fashion and beauty blogger we love to watch. Containing the most followers out of these four women, Tanya has gained immense amounts of success from her YouTube account lending her to not only obsessed over her make-up line, but crush hard on her fashion. Tanya, who is married to fellow YouTuber and model Jim Chapman, is widely known throughout the world for her style and beauty advice and tutorials. Tanya does an amazing job at letting you into her world and showing you every little thing she is wearing or using from head to toe (which we automatically go online and shop for). Her fashion sense ranges mostly from casual, cute and stylish, but still being able to completely slay a more professional or fancy outfit when in the spotlight. Tanya is like that friend that everyone has that is honest, thoughtful and just an absolute pleasure to be around….and consistently steal from her closet.

SomethingNavy (Arielle- 1 Million Followers)
SomethingNavy, (also known as Arielle Charnas) is a New York based Instagram fashion icon who we are completely guilty of sitting and watching her Insta-Stories all day long. Arielle is the ultimate fashion queen with multiple closets full of clothing, accessories and shoes that most normal people would not know what to do with. Her love for fashion shines boldly in her style and outfit choices with each post that she shares with us. Always on trend and never afraid to take a risk, Arielle is truly a fashion inspiration that helps us to feel confident in what we wear simply because we want to wear it. Plus, she’s the embodiment of #hairgoals.
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Thanks to social media, millennial followers globally have the opportunity to learn and find out about new products on a daily basis. Viewing and purchasing clothing and beauty items from well-known, or newly discovered (and now loved) brands and companies is easier than ever. Having the ability to find something with the touch of a finger through a “tag” or specific link, lends thanks to women like Lydia, Victoria, Tanya, and Arielle for sharing their inspiring closets with us.