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Blake Lively: The Suited Queen Of 2018

Blake Lively - The Suited Queen of 2018

The women's tuxedo and pant suit have taken a a major leap within the past few years to become a popular choice for parties, premiers, events and red carpets, etc. The versatility, elegance and endless ways to style and wear a women's suit is only half of what makes it so special. 

And although a good power suit looks good on just about every woman, there is one woman who completely slayed at owning a gorgeous women's pant suit this year - Blake Lively. 

Blake Lively is many things. Beautiful, talented, hysterical, charming and did we mention beautiful? But, she also has always had impeccable style and taste when it comes to fashion. And this year has only elevated that. Throughout her press tour for her new movie that was released earlier this year, "A Simple Favor;" Blake could be seen rocking a different suit at almost every stop! 

From bright colors, like lime; to velvet, plaid, color-blocking, etc. There was no stone unturned when it came to Blake and her women's suit ensembles. The best thing about them? She brought every single one to life! She mentioned in an interview that her character and the movie "A Simple Favor" itself put a lot of inspiration when she put together her "vision board" when wanting to channel that era and vibe in her suit choices. And boy, did it pay off! 

Her bold choices pay off for her in just about every outfit she wears, and it shows women everywhere that when you feel confident in what you wear, you feel confident as a whole. And that is why Blake Lively is the Suited Queen of 2018.