Powerful Women That Love A Good Pant Suit

Powerful women are so much more than just powerful. They are inspiring, bold and unapologetic for their opinions, thoughts and dreams.

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The Versatility of a Women's Tuxedo

When it comes to the idea of women’s tuxedos (or suits), most women can admit that seeing them being worn for something other than business attire is rare. Although more women are taking fashion risks with being bold and choosing to forgo the typical dress or gown for events, the fact of the matter is owning a women’s tuxedo is completely underrated and should be recognized.

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Variety’s Women in Film 2017

With Fashion Week popping up all over it’s hard to wrap our heads around all of the style and fashion and designs popping up, but we’re definitely not opposed to trying!

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Women That Showed Up to the 2017 VMAs

Out of the long list of award shows we all plop on the couch to watch, MTV’s Video Music Awards are probably not as high on the list, as say, The Grammy’s. Nonetheless, you can find munching on some popcorn, pretending to be on Fashion Police even though we barely recognize anyone in attendance these days.

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Wearing a Women’s Power Suit or Tuxedo (As Told by Olivia Palermo)

Fashion expert, style risk taker, and beauty socialite Olivia Palermo has been the definition of “style goals” for a number of years.

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Four Female Instagram Fashion Moguls Influencing Millennials Style

No matter what age you are, the fact that we are currently living in a “millennials world” is pretty obvious. From the Hollywood world to the real world, millennials are all around, rapidly growing, forming opinions, and influencing people of all ages.

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How To (Style): Shoes for a Women’s Tux

Now that women are more frequently wearing suits and tuxedos to weddings, affairs, red carpets, etc. The options for formal or black-tie events are rapidly growing. A successful outfit, such as this, is only as poised as the woman in it. So, when it comes to making your look a show stopper, being confidently unique is a must.

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How Women Are Proving That Tuxedos Aren’t Just for Men Anymore

Walking into just about any clothing store, we can ultimately guarantee a few things. One, to be overwhelmed with all of the gloriousness in front of us; and two, a women’s specified side and a men’s specified side.

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Hollywood Women Who Totally Rocked Tuxedos

When it comes to red carpets and Hollywood’s most famous women, we never really know what we are going to get. Breaking the “style mold” is something that is consistent within Hollywood Fashion, but staying true to yourself while doing it is what we think is sometimes easy to forget

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Wearing a Women's Suit to a Prom

If you are looking for ideas on what to wear to your prom, don’t overlook a women’s suit. You no longer have to wear a traditional evening dress or something similar – women’s tuxedos are becoming very popular and they are a stylish option for your prom.

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